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Q: I have received materials from other billing services. Why should I go with PMC?
A: Not all billing services are created equal. Traditional medical billing services frequently fail with mental health providers due to the extra authorizations, treatment plans, diagnostic/CPT limitations, visit limits, etc. associated with mental health. That's what differentiates PMC as a mental health billing service. We have the experience and the knowledge to get your claims paid. Additionally, some billing services operate from basements with little more than a word processor or have factory style operations that emphasize cost containment over accuracy. PMC is an insured corporation and we provide s
ame day insurance billing with no waiting. With PMC you never have to wonder about what is happening with your account - it is all at your fingertips online.

Q: My organization has multiple locations with different tax ID numbers. Would this be a problem for PMC?
A: No, we are equipped to manage dozens of companies which reside under a single corporate umbrella. .

Q: My facility/practice is not in Ohio. Can I still use PMC?
A: Of course! Our secure online billing system can be used in any location with a high-speed internet connection.

Q: How much does it cost?
A:Save money by not paying payroll taxes, health insurance, vacation time, and sick time for employees who may have questionable productivity. Unlike most billing services, there is no additional charge for: paper claims (when payor doesn't support electronic claims), statements, postage, additional users, or online reports. Our fees are based on a percentage of actual receipts. Please contact us for a fee request.

Q: Is PMC equipped to handle large practices?
A: PMC is equipped to handle over 200,000 patients/clients.

Q: I would like to use PMC. How long does it take to get started?
A: Depending on the current state of your facility or practice, the transition can occur in as quickly as one week. Data migration for existing systems and reconciliation of old accounts may add to system startup time.

Q: I have a small practice. Why should I use PMC?
A: We handle practices of all sizes. The client relationship we develop is punctuated with open communication, free access to information, and superior service. For more information please contact us.

Q: Do I need to address patient concerns about balances?
A: No. Although with our secure online system you will have the resources to answer any questions your clients may have, please feel free to refer any patient/client concerns to us.


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