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Our scheduler is not only intuitive and easy-to-use, it can be securely accessed from any PC.


Demographic entry
Having accurate information upfront is the cornerstone of a robust billing process. Demographics can be entered by our office or entered on site by your staff. Our system has a user-friendly straightforward interface and allows you to:
  • store copies of insurance cards
  • track visits
  • track authorizations
  • store patient diagnoses
  • Call today for a full list of features!
Electronic HIPAA compliant claims
We are optimized for all types of mental health billing including:
  • psychiatry billing
  • psychology billing
  • social work billing
  • counseling billing

Facility types:

  • Community mental health centers
  • Multi-specialty groups
  • Medicaid school billing

While not typical for all carriers, claims from some major insurance carriers can be paid in as short as 5 days!

Five point charge review
During the PMC-exclusive claim process charges will be reviewed for:
  • Insurance carrier compliance (including Medicare local coverage determinations)
  • Diagnostic and CPT™ interaction
  • Demographic accuracy
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Claim standardization
Online charge slips

sol1With just 3 clicks your scheduled appointments can become billed charges. By clicking the Diagnosis, CPT™ code, and process - that's it.


  • Bill charges securely from any location with high speed internet
  • Use a wi-fi enabled PDA or smart phone
  • Great for billing off site such as in a hospital, nursing home, or remote office
  • Decrease payment time and eliminate lost charge slips

Client testimonial:

"The ease of scheduling, insurance and client billing, and generation of customised monthly reports, has helped improve the speed of collection of our account receivables."

-Carol B.

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